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As a Mom to older kids, I am moving into different stages of my life.  Right now I am moving into “Mother of the Groom” territory.  My son Matt recently became engaged to his adorable girlfriend Pam, so now we are planning a wedding.  Here is the cute couple:


Won’t they make a darling bride and groom?  So, obviously, I have been very interested in all sorts of things wedding-related and that includes the wedding registry at Macy’s Cottonwood Mall store.

Disclaimer:  One of the many fun things I’ve been doing lately is helping out with the Advisory Board at the Macy’s Cottonwood Mall store.  We have a nice group of ladies who are all bloggers and we come up with posts and other social media magic to help promote the store activities.  We will also get to participate in fashion shows and other cool insider stuff.  They sponsor us for our activities, but of course, all my opinions are my own – you know me, I always tell it like it is.  Here is our group of lovely ladies:



At the store, I spoke with a lovely lady named Seeny Owen.  She has been running the wedding registry for many years and was extremely knowledgeable.  I was surprised at how much had changed since the days I was doing my own wedding registry – back in the dinosaur days!  Back then, there was a lot of emphasis on china patterns and silver services, while now it’s more about informal entertaining, high-end coffee makers and fancy food processors.



The nice thing is that Macy’s has kept up with the times.  They still have the fancy silver and china if you’re into that, but you can literally add any item from the complete Macy’s inventory to your registry, regardless if it is carried in your particular store or not.  And they have a full range of informal dining items and all the fancy coffee makers you could want.
Plus there were so many other benefits to the registry that I was impressed with:
–  Extremely liberal return policy on registry items.  If Macy’s carries it and it is in brand new condition, they will take it back and give you full credit towards any other item regardless if it is on your registry or not.

– 5% rebate on all registry purchases.  So if you have $5,000 worth of gifts, you get a $250 credit on your Star Rewards account* to use on whatever you like.  *Does require you to have a Macy’s charge account.

–  The registry is not just for wedding gifts, you can also get an additional 10% rebate for all the items you purchase for the wedding or even your regular shopping during that period.  This could include everything from Mother of the bride (or groom!) dresses, shoes, attendant gifts, table settings, just about anything you need.

–  I don’t know if they do this at all the stores, but at the Cottonwood Mall store, they will do the bride’s makeup for free.  That can be a big savings and it’s much nicer than having your crazy aunt or your best friend do it.

–  They have a new benefit for your guests.  During the month of June (bridal month!) if they purchase a gift from your registry, they get $20 off a later purchase of $50 or more.  That’s a real wow!
See what I mean?  Back in our day, you were lucky to just get the gifts.  Now you can get all of this other stuff too.  I remember after our wedding, I think I was as broke as I’ve ever been before.  I have a feeling, I’m going to be feeling that same feeling in about a year or so….


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