Lego Crayon Valentine

 Kids love Legos and crayons so why not mix the two together to create one awesome Lego Movie inspired Valentine that everyone is sure to love.

Lego Crayons Valentine

Amber here again for my monthly check in.  Have you seen The Lego Movie?  If you haven’t you should.  It’s pretty funny.  It is a movie the whole family can enjoy.  Although I think a lot of the jokes go over the kids heads.  You know how that happens.  You watch a movie that you loved as a kid and suddenly it’s so much funnier?  That or you’re like “Whoa! They marketed this as a movie for kids?”  All Dogs Go To Heaven anyone?

Lego Crayons Valentine

But let’s get back to The Lego Movie.  Thor loves it.  He calls the minifigures “guys” and asks to watch the guys movie all the time.  So of course when he saw the silicone mold he wanted to do whatever Mama was doing with the guys.  I purchased this set of three Lego silicone molds and a box of Crayola crayons for this project.

Lego Crayons Valentine

The first thing you need to do is peel off all the paper wrappers.  Little hands are clearly the best at peeling the paper off since every time he uses crayons they come back wrapperless, so I had Thor help me out with that part.  But it was still a slow going process.

Lego Crayons Valentine

For the next batch of crayons I soaked them in a bowl of water for about ten minutes and the paper came right off.  So I would recommend soaking the crayons first.  Just make sure to dry they completely before putting them in the mold.

Lego Crayons Valentine

I broke each crayon in to four or five pieces and put one whole crayon in each part of the mold.  Then you put them on a baking sheet and in to an oven preheated to 350 degrees for 10 minutes or until completely melted.  If you leave them in there too long they will start to bubble.  You don’t want bubbles because then there will be holes in your crayons.

Once they are all melted take them out and let them cool on the counter for 10 – 15 minutes until they are partially set up.  You want to be able to move them without sloshing the wax around.  So when they are partially set move them to the fridge or the freezer for about 10 minutes.  When they are completely cool you can pop them out the mold.

Lego Crayons Valentine

You will have perfect little Lego men crayons.  If you break one, no worries.  Put it back in the mold and remelt it.

Lego Crayons Valentine

I put three in a mini bag with a little Valentine card printable I created based off every Lego minifigure’s favorite song Everything Is Awesome.

Lego Crayons Valentine

These are what Thor is taking to give to his preshool class.  What kid wouldn’t be excited to get these?  I mean, I love them and I’m not 2-years-old.

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