Kid-friendly Christmas Tree

Hello Clarks Condensed readers! I am Melissa from My Mommy Style and I am so excited to be here today to share a Christmas craft with you. Over at My Mommy Style we write about all things mommy. We share activities we love to do with our kids, family friendly meals and snacks, and our experiences with motherhood. We know there’s not always one way to be a good mother, so we love to share our “mommy style” and would love to hear yours!

Now onto the craft! This is a super easy Christmas craft that you can make with your kids. It doesn’t take a lot of time and adds a cute pop of sparkle to your Christmas centerpiece, mantle, or anywhere you need a little Christmas cheer in your house.


You will need:


foam cone (the size you choose is totally up to you)

1 inch circle punch



Make a bunch of circles out of your paper using the 1 inch circle punch. Starting at the bottom of the cone add your paper circles and slightly bend the edges of the bottom of each circle before pinning it to the foam cone. Bending the circles will give your tree great texture. Continue bending your circles and pinning to the top of your foam cone.


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