Hugs and Kisses Printable and Poem

This free hugs and kisses printable to help show loved yours you care has been created in partnership with Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, CloudPets™. All opinions are mine alone. #CloudPetsForever #CollectiveBias

A hugs and kisses printable and poem that is perfect for giving loved ones when you are away from each other.

In the three years that Jack has been alive, we’ve never been away from him for a night. Some people probably think that’s crazy, but the situation just hasn’t ever come up. If we go on a vacation, we like to have him with us, and there’s never been another reason to leave him with a relative. We’ve left him with my parents or another family member when we’ve gone out on dates but never for longer than that.

With our new baby being born in seven weeks (give or take), he will be staying at my parent’s house for a few days. He’s really excited (and he’s constantly asking if we are going to the hospital yet, so he can go to Grammy’s), and I’m sure he will do fine. However, since it’s his first time being away from us at night – and he tends to end up in our bed most nights before the sun rises – I am a little bit nervous. I remember always being a little sad when my parents would go out of town, and my siblings and I were left at my grandparents (despite enjoying my stay), and I imagine that Jack will have a few of those feelings as well.

When my parents would go out of town, my mom would sometimes leave little surprises for us to open each day they were gone. I loved this. Something that she always included was a little bag of Hershey Kisses and Hugs, with instructions to eat them when we were feeling sad and missing she and my dad.

I’m not planning to send tons of stuff with Jack, but I did want to send him a couple of little treats, just like my mom always did.

First of all, we purchased a cute Kitten from the new CloudPets™ line. This is such a fun way to send messages to and from your loved ones while you are away. Basically, you download a free app, register the stuffed animal, and anyone that has the app (and the parent adds to an approved list) can send a message to the pet. The pet’s heart flashes when there is a new message, and the recipient can hear whatever they said and send a message back. There’s also games on the app and built-in lullabies. You can see how CloudPets™ work here.

hugs-and-kisses-poem (2 of 5)

I think this is such a fun idea, and it’s the perfect way for me to send messages to Jack while I am staying in the hospital (and for me to hear messages from him – because heaven knows I’ll be missing him like crazy.) We also plan to use this cute pet as a way for Jack to connect with family members that are far away, such as his grandparents in North Carolina and his beloved Uncle Michael who will be moving out-of-state for college soon!

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hugs-and-kisses-poem (5 of 5)

In addition to the CloudPet, I’m putting together a little bag of Hershey Kisses and Hugs in a bag, just like my mom did. I came up with this cheesy poem and put it on a heart that I will tape to the bag, like this:

hugs-and-kisses-poem (3 of 5)

If you want to use this as well, I’ve made this available as a free printable. Feel free to use it for personal use!

Even though our stay away from Jack will be short, I want to make sure he knows how much we miss him. I feel like the CloudPet and the little bag of treats will help. How do you help your children when you are away from them?
CloudPets™ are available in a variety of different styles online and in the pallet displays near the front of the store in Walmart. They require three AA batteries to work, but they are so fun!


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  • Your article is so filled with warmth and love. Jack is a lucky boy to have such caring parents. When we had young children (the eldest was 2years and 2 months when the third was born) my mum and dad took them so we could have a break when the eldest was 3. It was a great break for us but it was surprising to me how much I missed the children and I thought we'd never get home to be with them. Enjoy every minute with the children because time flies. Thank you for a wonderful article.
    • Thank you, Deidre! Your comment is so kind. I do my best to enjoy every minute - it's crazy how fast these 3.5 years with Jack have gone by. It breaks my heart a little bit, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've had to be there every step of the way.
  • My son has been asking for one of these and my husband and I are going away for a couple of days. I think I'll get one for him this weekend and print out your adorable printables! [client]
  • What?!?! I've never heard of cloudpets but what a great idea! I love it! I've never spent a night away from Owen, and the only time I spent away from Sophie was when I was in the hospital giving birth to Owen :) haha. It was so so hard to be away from her! But, we survived. And so did she :)
    • I think they are a fairly new product! It's pretty fun. :) I think jack will do fine, considering the fact he tells me he wants to live at Grammy's house every other day. But I sure will miss him - the hospital is like 45 minutes away, too, which kind of stinks!

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