General Conference Printables

 2013 LDS General Conference Printables


This past weekend was General Conference, a bi-annual series of meeting held on a world-wide broadcast by the leaders of our church. I always look forward to it because of the uplifting and inspiring messages. There’s always so many wonderful quotes that come from it that I love, and that I look to for inspiration in years to come. Even if you aren’t a member of the LDS Church, I hope that you’ll like these quotes; I think many of them can be applicable to just about anyone.


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Feel free to use them for personal use, or to give as gifts, but they are not to be reproduced, manipulated, or sold for your own monetary gain. Please refer to the terms and conditions at the end of this post for more information. All of these photos were taken by Forrest or from our wedding photographer , Anna Gleave, and we have the rights to them. In order to save them, click on the “click here to download” link underneath each image. It will direct you to, where you can download the PDF. If you are interested in purchasing prints from me, please contact me at katie @ clarkscondensed (dot) com and I can give you a pricing list. If you print them yourself, be sure to print them in matte format.Print

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temple courage

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Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith

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Blessings are often subtle, observable only to the humble and attentive

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Shall I falter or shall I finish

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Repentance is not punishment, it is the hope filled path to a glorious future

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Sons of God need Daughters of God. Daughters of God need sons of God.

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Each day is a day of decision, and our decisions determine our destiny

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The past is to be learned from, not lived in. Faith is always pointing towards the future.

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