Easter Advent Tree

Easter Advent Tree

For so many reasons, I love Easter. It’s the start of Spring, which makes me so happy for the possibilities. I spend more time outdoors and let’s face it, I warm up some. Always a great thing in my book. The grass starts to green up and the flowers start to bloom.  Sometime during Spring, I get to stop wearing so many layers. If I’m really lucky, flip flops can come out again. That’s usually later in Spring, but it’s there.

My very favorite thing about Spring is Easter. To me, Easter is the day of the year that we should be the most grateful for all we have in this life. Easter is the time we should be thankful for the biggest and most important sacrifice anyone has ever made for us. Easter is the time when we especially should remember the sacrifice Christ made for us, so we may live with Him forever. It’s amazing to me that I am important enough to Him that he suffered and died on the cross to atone for the sins I would make so far into the future. He died for you too! And then, thankfully, three days later, He rose from the dead!! So wonderful!


Easter Advent Tree

In celebration of Easter, I decided to make an Easter Advent Tree. It’s similar to the Tender Mercies Tree I made at Christmastime. There are 12 eggs on the tree, each with one or two scriptures and some chocolate. A list of the scriptures I added is at the bottom of this post. The idea is that you open one egg for the 11 days leading up to Easter and then the last egg on Easter Sunday.

Easter Advent Tree

The eggs actually have some little holes already made in them, but I made them a little bigger with my drill. Then I tied some bakers twine through the holes for hanging. After they were tied, I added the chocolate and scripture and used a small piece of tape to keep them closed. Finally, I wrote a number on each egg, with 12 being the egg you open on Easter Sunday.  The reason I numbered them is because some of the days are scriptures that need to be read in order and the final one is the one you read on Easter.

Easter Advent Tree

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After they were all closed, I wrote something I’m grateful for on each egg. This would be fun to do with kids. You may have to do the writing for them if they are young. It would be a lot of fun to hear what they are grateful for each year. I’m sure it would change from year to year. Finally, I tied a ribbon around each hanging string, just to dress it up some.

Easter Advent Tree

My husband cut a branch from a tree and I stabilized the branch in a vase with some rocks and some other eggs. Then I hung the eggs on the tree and made it my centerpiece on my table.


Day 1: Psalm 27:1

Day 2: Isaiah 61:10

Day 3: Mark 16:6

Day 4: Luke 24: 6-7

Day 5: Matthew 5:3-4

Day 6: Matthew 5:5-6

Day 7: Matthew 5:7-8

Day 8: Matthew 5:9-10

Day 9: Matthew 5:11

Day 10: Matthew 5:12

Day 11: Matthew 21: 9-11

Day 12: Matthew 28:6-7

Easter Advent Tree

I hope you like my Easter Advent tree and will make one of your own to share with your family. Share the true meaning of Easter with your family this year.  Please come on over to Fearlessly Creative Mammas and visit us!



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