12 Toddler Boy Party Ideas

12 awesome and toddler boy approved birthday party ideas -- from Elmo, to Planes and Cars, to a farm party, you're sure to find a party that your toddler will love at this post!
I love throwing parties, especially when they are for Jack. There’s just something so fun about planning a party for a child — they just always seem to love every little detail, which makes all the planning those goes into those details worth it.
This year, we threw Jack and his cousin Scarlett a Mickey Mouse Club House party (more on that another time), and it was a big hit! We love Mickey Mouse in this house, so it seemed like a perfect fit for his age. I thought it would be fun to share some other toddler boy party ideas. I found quite a few awesome ideas that I think any toddler boy would go crazy over! In fact, as I was putting this together, Jack was sitting by me, ooh’ing and ahh’ing over everything (especially the train party!)
This isn’t necessarily a party idea, but what’s a party without birthday cake! I LOVE all these birthday cakes for boys.
Animal Themed Party by A Mom’s Take

Farm Birthday Party by The Nerd’s Wife

Baby Beluga by Mom Endeavors


Toy Story 3 Party by Cupcake Diaries

An Elmo Birthday Celebration by Frugal Foodie Mama

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party by Clarks Condensed

Construction Birthday Party by Juggling Act Mama


Super Hero Party by Stockpiling Moms


Train Birthday Party by Mom Endeavors


Disney Planes Party by View from the Ville


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And just for fun, here are a few links to posts about gift ideas for toddler boys:
Gift Ideas for a Toddler Boy by Clarks Condensed


Gift ideas for a 4-year-old boy by The Pinning Mama

And since I know someone is going to say it — I’m not trying to be sexist when I say “Toddler Boy.” I hate that I even have to say that! I have a boy, that’s my expertise. I’m not saying that girls won’t enjoy these parties, too. 🙂


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