Cooking Essentials – Subscribers Only

Each week, I prepare a list of products related to our featured recipes that I think are totally essential. I only share this list with subscribers, so hopefully you’ll enjoy my suggestions.

This week, I am sharing a few tools that I LOVE to use when I’m making cookies. Cookies is really an art, and when you have the right tools, it makes that art so much easier.

Silicone Baking Mats – these are my FAVORITE baking tool ever. They make it so much simpler to cook! I give them to people all the time as gifts, and they often tell me it was the best gift they’ve gotten.

Nordic Ware Baking Sheet – even if you use the silicone baking mats, you need a good quality baking sheets. I got the Nordic Ware kind from Costco, and I’m a huge fan. If you opt not to use a silicone baking mat, I would recommend getting a quality parchment paper to use with your cookies.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons – I have had a lot of measuring spoons over the years, but I absolutely LOVE this!  Though I did hear about the Levoon spoons recently, and I’m dying to try them. When it comes to baking, you NEEd to be accurate.

A good set of mixing bowls

Rubber Spatula


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