The Best Cookie Recipes

Cookies are (arguably) one of the best treats out there. There is nothing like popping a warm cookie into your mouth. We’re sharing all sorts of recipes for our cookie monsters out there. From the classic chocolate chip to easy cookies you can bake using cake mix. Plus, you’ll find plenty of decorative, holiday-themed cookies. And you’ll discover less-known cookies that may become your new favorite.


I’ve loved eating, and even making, cookies since I was a kid. There’s something almost soothing about baking. It’s a process. Like any baked good, cookies require some precision and attention to detail. The measuring of ingredients, order of the steps, and cooking time all work together in harmony. Together, they make something so yummy. Many of these recipes are simple, so you can try something new with confidence.


One of the best parts about cookies is the variety. You will never get bored of eating or making cookies with all of the options out there. Cookies can be made with everything from zucchini to applesauce. And for those wanting a more sugary option, we have recipes ranging from hazelnut hot chocolate cookies to triple chocolate peanut butter cookies. We even have gluten free options for those wanting something different! I appreciate how different cookies can be. They can be thin and crispy. They can be soft and gooey. The texture, flavor, and variety is so vast. You’ll can always try something new. 


Plus, many view cookies as a good way to introduce their kiddos to baking. If you’re wanting to get creative with your kids, many of these recipes are fun and simple enough that the kids will be able to put on an apron and join you in the kitchen.


Not to mention, many of these recipes are perfect for celebrating holidays. There is everything from St. Patrick’s pot-of-gold pistachio pudding cookies to spiderweb Halloween sugar cookies. These are cookies that you can assemble with your kids. Or, you can make them yourself for others to enjoy. They can be perfect for sharing at a school class party, a church event, or taking to the neighbors. We have 40 recipes that will leave everyone wanting more.


From the elaborate ones to the most basic ones, cookies are the perfect treat to pick up and bite into. You just can’t go wrong.

Here are some of our favorite cookie recipes to get started with:

Christmas Cookies for Santa

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies

Loaded Applesauce Power Cookes

Monster Cookies

Pistachio Pudding Cookies

Spiderweb Sugar Cookies